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Welcome to the 2018-19 golf season. I look forward to meeting members whom I didn't get a chance to meet last season, either on the course or at our many social functions. As a result of the major renovations to our golf course this summer, which are right on schedule, we will have an even more beautiful and challenging facility. The upgrades will surely add value to our Maple Leaf community.

Please join your Executive in actively promoting golf in Maple Leaf. Our course and programs are integral in keeping our great community the best there is. Welcome new members, encourage others to try the game and take every opportunity to stress the importance of our golf facility to other homeowners.

Also, let's all show our appreciation and gratitude for our upgraded facility by making a personal commitment to do all we can to take good care of it. That means filling all divots, repairing all ball marks, not just our own, and properly raking our new sand traps.

Dick Keller, President    


For 2018 – 2019 our primary marketing goal will be to grow and strengthen our membership. We will continue to emphasize the cooperative effort among the Golf Association, the leagues and the golf leadership on the Board with programs such as:

• League Open House Days to encourage members to become part of our league play each week
• An Ambassador Program that encourages members to bring out non- member residents of Maple Leaf to give our course a try
• A continuation of the Taste of Golf Instructional program.


Your Golf Association consists of a group of volunteers focused on providing a comprehensive program of golf activities, tournaments and social programs. We strongly encourage all members to join in the friendly competitions and enjoyable activities. Players should not feel intimidated by the idea of competitions, since they are relaxed and friendly activities anyone can enjoy.

Executive Committee:

President: Dick Keller (313) 570-3476
Vice-President: Ron Keyes (860) 593-7074
Treasurer: Keith McGruer (941) 624-3627
Secretary: Lanell Burgsteden (941) 249-8648
Social Director: Len Turner (941) 276-2326

Program Coordinators:

Ladies (Tuesdays) Shirley Bonsteel (941) 249-8825
Men's (Wednesdays) Gary Croskey (312) 401-1323
Mixed (Thursdays) Leo & Sharon Ayotte (267) 516-5770
Hole-in-One Club Sheridan Yetman (941) 249-8054
Marketing Initiatives Chris Canning (941) 875-9852
Website Coordinator Tim Redmond (724) 448-0784

Maple Leaf Golf Association